Factors of the Future Human Design

Much has been said about human cloning, and specifically the ethical concerns that arise. From therapeutic cloning to supply us with replacement organs or study material to mitigate illnesses, to reproductive cloning to provide us with exact copies of ourselves, the entire area is teeming with vociferous and semi-evangelical proponents and opponents.

Human Design

Recent improvements, in particular the work performed by Dr Edward Dramas, Have shown us that human cloning does not need to be the future, and that, rather, a procedure called artificial cosmetology, or somatic synthesis, could give us a future filled with artificially-grown individuals, designed for certain tasks.

These artificial people could be made anywhere that we can assemble the technologies, which means that we can quickly populate the galaxy with colonies of living, breathing people, designed to live in adverse conditions.

While it is unlikely we will see these in our life, the chances are immense: envision human colonies spreading across the globe, taking our cultural heritage and knowledge to unknown places, and all without needing to overcome some of the basic problems of sending live people across these enormous distances issues like lifetimes, inertia, the resource costs of a life support system, etc.

These individuals are non-identical to any individual, and are normally randomised, much like we are through the process of procreation. They are grown from given pluripotent stem cells, which can be taken only from adult donors, rather than using fetal or embryonic stem cells.

Further, their personalities will also be artificially built from numerous donors, much as we adapt and change through our experiences with other folks. Finally, but these synthetic humans would not have any youth, which is where the major crux of ethical dilemma occurs.

A brand new level of appreciation

Relationship improvement from human design is not only in the ability to handle arguments better. Getting to really know the person you are with, to see them deeply because you understand their design brings a completely new level of appreciation also.

 And, because Individual Design is completely without judgement you may have a look at the design of your lover, your friend and marvel at what you see. And looking at your design, you see how your perception of them is colour by you.

This thing is more than just the sum of both parts – it is a new and lively being in itself with Human Style you can see it, know it. Relationship composite readings create a combined graph and body graph that traces all the dynamics operating between two individuals. The attraction, the companionship, the subtle influences on each other, and the different entity forms the both of you are together.